The REAL LIFE Approach® is a step by step process that helps you reach you goals by:

  • gaining prospective on what you have and do now and what you would like to have and do in the future
  • provides meaningful direction to all your financial decisions and helps you adapt to life changes and keep you on track
  • gives you a means to Live Life on Purpose.

The REAL LIFE Approach® recognizes that many goals will not be achieved unless we define and begin a process to document and implement these goals.  It is about more than money, it is about making smart decisions and finding a balance between our family and financial life and the emotions that we attach to money.  This can be a difficult and daunting task but once we recognize our thoughts and feelings about money, we can then begin to take action and from these actions we will begin to see positive results.

There are those that travel and those who are going somewhere.  They are different, and yet they are the same.  Successful people have this over their rivals: they know where they are going.  – Mark Caine

Designing Your Life, Your Way

Over your lifetime you will encounter many issues and transitions both expected and unexpected.  As your trusted advisor, it is important that we understand your life and your goals.

The REAL LIFE Approach® provides a process to enhance a financial plan and help you utilize your resources to create a satisfying and fulfilling vision of your life, discover how best to achieve that vision and finally develop strategies to realize this vision to provide clarity, financial security and peace of mind.

We begin by working with you to determine whether The REAL LIFE Approach® would be of benefit to you.  We then begin the process of defining and prioritizing your goals in order to design your plan and identify the impact of your financial decisions.  From this design we begin to see, with 3D clarity, a plan that moves toward realizing Your vision of life on Your terms.   Your commitment to your plan and follow-up will then determine the success of your vision of life.   As life inevitably changes, it is important that we meet regularly to make any required adjustments and ensure your goals and vision is still on track.

I have tried to teach people that there are three kicks to every dollar: one, when you make it … two, when you have it … and three, when you give it away.  – paraphrased from William A. White, writer (1868-1944)

With proper planning, we’ll help ensure…

  • Your lifestyle is protected
  • You maximize your cash flow
  • You utilize assets in the most efficient manner
  • You don’t outlive your money
  • Your wealth is preserved and protected
  • You and your parents age with dignity and grace
  • You create a living and lasting legacy that will live on with your kids and your community
  • Your wishes are properly documented

Now the Journey Begins…